olivesHere at the Viarino we have a modern mill system of the Italian company Rapanelli, a leading manufacturer for machinery for the mills. The whole process is controlled by us with the utmost attention and takes place in a continuous loop at low temperatures and short times for optimal results without physical stress.

The first step is to separate the leaves from the olives by blowing air, followed by washing with water less than 27 ° degrees to allow the word "extract cold".

Then you pass through the crushing mill to obtain an oily paste which is poured into the kneading machine. The kneading is a horizontal cylinder of steel wheel in which a screw mixes the dough all the time. This process is frantoio, impianto olivevery delicate, the oil particles spin out from the core to facilitate the extraction, but the times can not be too long to relieve stress in the oil that increases in temperature during this mixing.

Finally we pass all the dough a the centrifuge that separates liquids from solids and oil from water, this last by natural means due to the different specific gravities.

Remember that you can grind your olives in our plant, you will always find availability, cleanliness and attention to details. We are sure you will be satisfied with the result. As a demostration of fact Viarino is accredited by the ICEA for the pressing of the olives from organic farming with the operator code G1893 EN ICA
olio di oliva